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Tyler Cory Murdock began his life far from the city he would eventually call his hometown.  After living the first five years of his life in San Diego County, Cory’s father, Wendel, moved with Cory to  Lake Tahoe, California, where Wendel became a ski instructor at Heavenly Ski Resort.  Not being able to afford a baby-sitter, Wendel put Cory on skis and in lessons and let the mountain be his caretaker.  At the age of 5, Cory took to the sport immediately and, by age 7, he was skiing the entire hill by himself, finding a home with the Blue Angels Ski Team at Heavenly Ski Resort.

Wendel packed up the house when he enrolled at University of Reno to finish his education.  From there, Cory spent his time at Mt. Rose (Reno, Nevada) and with the Mt. Rose Ski Team.

After graduation, Cory’s father went on to University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California, to study dentistry, leaving Cory with his step-mother at Squaw Valley, in Olympic Valley, California.  Cory found his home on the Squaw Valley Athletic Association and spent a few years with the team, nurturing his natural skiing ability and feeding his need for speed.

Cory’s path was set. He had become intensely focused on a skiing career and set his sights on becoming a member of the United States Olympic Ski Team, which he accomplished at the age of 17.  He traveled with the team around the world until, while racing on the World Cup tour, he took  a serious fall in Kitzbuhel, Austria, the fall that almost ended his skiing career.

After intense rehabilitation and determination, Cory recovered from his injuries and went on to turn pro, touring with the World Pro Tour, and winning the Peugeot tour championship two years running.

Faced with personal issues at the age of 27, he decided to end his racing career and focus instead on his family.


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Diana Murdock, has always been a writer, penning poems and short stories since the age of 9, words only she would see.  She became serious about her writing in 2004 and published her first book in 2010.  A writer of romance, paranormal, biographies, and screenplays, Diana looks first to human nature to find her muse, for all of us have our path, each one unique, and with our own take on how we perceive it and the only way to see from that perspective, is to dive right in.

Diana met Cory in 1987 and were married in 1988.  Unfortunately, circumstances pulled them apart, both of them walking away after 22 years.


Contact us:

Diana Murdock / Cory Murdock

email:  dianamurdockauthor@gmail.com

Twitter:  @Diana_Murdock


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